Tarot Contemplation – The Hermit


You continue on your new path and your focus is naturally turned inward as you explore what defines you spiritually.  This is a great moment to identify the areas in your life where you can help yourself and where you accept that you need help from others.  Self-reflection leading to self-discovery is the fruit of solitude, so don’t shy away from these moments.  Remember that problems happen, so use skill and wisdom to solve them.  That means that “doing the right thing” necessarily includes doing what is righteous for you.  This approach benefits you at work, so keep organized and productive in this Now because as the Wheel continues to turn, you assure success and  recognition tomorrow. For now, be conservative with your financial transactions and refrain from gambling. You might bump into an old flame and this encounter might generate an interesting spark today … but take care not to communicate mixed signals.  What are you really looking for in a relationship at this time?  If you’re already in a relationship, perhaps it’s time to stay connected by making the time and taking the effort to realign mutual interests to keep your spark alive and well.  Someone will cross your path that will encourage your desire to explore more deeply into spiritual matters and cause you to withdraw a little to enjoy a bit of solitude.  Becoming comfortable being alone with yourself is a skill and blocking out the noise of life by giving yourself space to BE nurtures your self-awareness.  Enjoy these moments.


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