Tarot Contemplation – Justice


All events and all people are connected, however, not everything that you’re dealing with is a direct result of your own actions or karma.  This includes having to deal with a situation not of your own making, so don’t take on the blame in those situations, either.  Balance is necessary in order to thrive.  The Justice card implies the need for law and order, fairness and clarity.  If you’e involved in a court matter, you have a good chance at a favorable outcome. At work, ensure that your work/life balance is where it needs to be.  Both sides of living need equal attention. If you’re questioning your long-term relationships, then the answer of “balance” means it’s time for more attention paid to what you need to feel fulfilled and happy … if your partner is unwilling to compromise or contribute more of his/her fair share to work things out, then perhaps the relationship has effectively ended.  If you’re just getting into a relationship, then the question of commitment is soon to be a topic for consideration.  As for your health, “moderation is not just for monks”, so be sensible about living in the moment and wield more self-control.  Today is a good day for games of chance and gaining a small windfall, so do a little gambling.  If you don’t gamble, then a windfall might be realized from unexpected sources.  Either way, spend that extra cash wisely.  Spiritually, can you be in the world, but not of the world?  Remain grounded by staying in the moment and work on clarifying your perspective on life to remain centered.


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