Tarot Contemplation – The Magician

GD TAROT_Magician

The Magician is a powerful sign of The Fool’s higher aspects of his/her journey as a reminder that all is within your grasp, if only you set your mind to it and try.  Have you noticed a lot of synchronicities occurring around you now? You create all that your heart looks-to.  At work, new opportunities for better work opportunities are on the rise in the form of a new position.  Your creativity and suggestions are being met with excellent comprehension and this vibe leads to bigger and better work opportunities.  New love interests are also surfacing so get out there and meet people.  If you’re in a long-term relationship, you and your partner are bonding more closely on a deeper, spiritual level.  Money is on an upswing and this trend coincides with what is happening at work.  Even if things don’t feel like they’re opening up at work, there are now opportunities to do side jobs that bring in more income.  The Magician also signifies strength in the body, so if your health has taken a dip, know that you are snapping out of it soon … particularly if you’ve decided to pursue an alternative form of therapy.  And, speaking of alternatives, your research into more spiritual matters is paying off in revealing new levels of knowledge and understanding … a most satisfying time to enjoy this expansion of your spirit now.

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