Tarot Contemplation – Five of Swords


Yesterday’s revelations uncover mixed feelings about life in general and some people in particular.  The number 5 indicates conflict, both within and outside you, and that makes YOU your own worst enemy today.  So, mind your tongue … even though you ought to not ignore what you’ve uncovered, you also don’t want to alienate the very things you’ve wanted the most, such as close, intimate relationships with certain friends and lover.  Really think twice before opening your mouth and letting someone have it, even though s/he might deserve it.  Pick your battles.  Someone you care about might be going away for a while and, even though you don’t want to see him/her leaving, know that s/he is coming back to you.  Watch yourself at work and don’t be too opinionated, even if there is some unfairness going on.  How you speak your mind is as important as what you say … so make sure your behavior is impeccable.  You might find that your new love interest isn’t working out as you initially thought it might … don’t shoot from the hip, and think hard about what are deal-breakers for you.  If you’re already in a relationship, you might be feeling in the mood for a fight.  Again, hold your tongue.  Yesterday’s gambling spree might have gotten you into trouble, so be conservative today.  If you find you need help, put your pride aside and ask for it because there is always someone around that can definitely assist you through this situation.  Overall, be gentle with yourself … if you’re angry, find a way to blow off the steam in a way that won’t take any heads.  Drop worrying and guilt; these emotions never serve you.  Opt for ways to relax and “let it go to bring back the flow.”


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