Tarot Contemplation – The Tower


You are undergoing major changes now, so the best tack is to roll with it all.  As we said yesterday, change is inevitable; struggle is an option (like trying to row upstream without a paddle).  People you’ve relied upon have changed position and might not be as reliable to you as you once thought.  This isn’t a problem, unless you make it your problem.  You can ride this phase of your journey out just fine if you can remember that your best resources are already within you.  People are contentious and you might be angered and tempted to escalate the situation.  You’ve now been given a heads-up at the road ahead, so take this sign as an opportunity for thinking things through and planning ahead.  Don’t be emotional and make assumptions; find out for sure what’s really afoot.  Your nerves may be frayed, so be careful with yourself … and let this perspective be what defines your positive attitude.  On all fronts in your life at this moment, this is the best way to avert crisis — with well-thought out damage control.


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