Tarot Contemplation – Five of Wands


Wands usually indicates changes related to your work, and sometimes it also applies to your relationships. You are competing with others right now, so believe in yourself and continue to do your best … now, more than ever … and place faith and trust in knowing that you will end up in the right place for you. Success only manifests if you try. Don’t look-to those who cheat to get an inside advantage … such opportunists rarely stay ahead in the long run. Remain honest and true to yourself, and you shall prevail. Remember a few weeks back we considered several ways of engaging obstacles in our path? Today is a day to consider ways of getting around those rocks in your river. Take the time to rest. Center your focus on what will be your next steps and allow that inner voice to be your guide. You don’t want to take the approach of a chicken without a head!


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