Tarot Contemplation – Strength


It’s all about focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want … Mind over matter.  You have the ability, and the responsibility, to harness your thoughts and use those energies for your highest good.  Set aside your fears and impulsiveness and harness that inner strength and courage.  Self-confidence comes when you make the time for self-examination; this is what keeps you Awake and Aware in the moment.  Give serious thought on directions and opportunities that allow for growth and upward mobility.  You’ve got the skill set, you’ve got the talent and you’ve got ideal circumstances surrounding you to make better things happen in your life right now.  This is a positive sign that momentum is building, so be patient as you paddle out to catch that next wave.  To be truly strong, pay attention and develop each side of your triangle:  body, mind and spirit.  You are strong … stronger than you think!


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