Tarot Contemplation – The Moon



This card is like the Pisces of the tarot … the focus is on “I Feel”, which means you’re feeling more psychic and intuitive … and that might make you a bit confused and uneasy.  Relax into this phase of your spiritual Awakening.  Trust your gut … your Spidey senses … because all might not be as it seems.  If you’re waiting for answers from someone, they might not be as intuitive as you’re feeling, so stay calm and continue to be patient with him/her.  At work, if things are unclear, then ask questions and be an active listener.  Give your coworkers or supervisors the benefit of the doubt because, again, all might not be as it seems … and this approach might yield a view that isn’t as bad as you think.  Your relationships are in a highly emotional state at the moment, so take a break if needed just to keep a calm balance.  Same approach at home as at work, so pick your battles and avoid flying off the handle.  If you’re feeling impatient on the financial front, the best approach is a relaxed one.  Don’t act rashly, as this is probably not the best time to rely on anything other than concrete facts.  Moderation is the key today.  Spiritually, you’re feeling comfortable in exploring ways to go deeper into yourself, so pay attention to those thoughts and feelings … and the flashes of information that will seem to come out of nowhere.  And, if you’re so inclined, indulge in some of those great spiritual books … you’re likely to get more messages out of them than usual.

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