Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Wands


Often, the court cards like this one indicate a literal person crossing your path … though this is not always the case.  Here, a fiery-spirited passionate woman who brings uplifting energy and an air of positivism is crossing your path.  She represents a most feminine and decidedly vibrant energy influencing your experiences today.  If this describes a woman in your life, know that she is a good friend and a solid ally, though she appears self-absorbed.  In a committed relationship where the couple is trying to conceive, the Queen of Wands indicates fertility.  At work, look forward to increased productivity and the success that comes with positive performance … and this means your finances will also be bolstered by your ambition.  But, take care not to get carried away with the temptation to buy things with your increased buying power.  Once again, the moderate/middle path of action continues to be your truest guide.  If you’re feeling your home needs a facelift, then instead of splurging at IKEA create a different look by rearranging furniture and focusing on your garden.  You’re feeling vibrant in your own skin, so enjoy feeling invigorated in better health … but take care to allow for some downtime so you don’t overdo it and make your health swing in the other direction.  It’s so easy to binge and overindulge, so again, continue to keep the balance.  Continue to free your mind and explore avenues of thought and belief.  Don’t limit yourself by thinking that the one avenue you favor at present is THE only spiritual way of being.


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