Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Wands


You’ve hit a plateau and it feels like you’re at a standstill, not moving forward … but in reality you are still making progress, only now what and who is around you is where change is taking place.  Just like when you’re dieting and you make great progress and then you hit a spot where the scale doesn’t seem to move, when in actuality you are still losing the weight and your body is making adjustments internally.  Choose to be patient and continue to remain upbeat because at the very least you are not moving backwards. At work, others are making choices that will affect you, and this is something that you cannot control. A positive attitude will attract more positive energies into this status quo situation, which will likely move forward favorably for you IF you keep your cool.  As at work, in your love relationship you’re feeling like your partner isn’t willing to make the commitment you looked forward to the other day (remember, the Four of Wands?), and again patience rather than pushiness will allow the most favorable outcome.  Remember, all is in flux at this moment … so maintain this cool level-headed posture with your finances as well.  Continue to save your money and watch your spending.  Feeling restless might cause you to make risky decisions, and this is never a good way of being.  Remain present in this moment so that your self-awareness remains sharp and focused.  Stillness and Patience can be difficult spiritual lessons, so if you are experiencing difficulty with these two perceptions, then take the hint that these are aspects of your spirituality that need working on today.


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