Tarot Contemplation – Four of Pentacles



Okay, it’s time for you to relax about the things and situations in your life because you are clinging too tightly and it could prove unhealthy for you in the long run.  Are you feeling anxious or insecure about something … money and finances, a relationship, or work situation?  Understand that anxiety and insecurity are not states of being that provide you stability and happiness.  This is where the cliche’ “if you love something, set it free …” applies.  If you’re in a job just to put food on the table, realize that while this is an important aspect of a job, it is not the sole reason, your purpose, for working.  Believe in yourself and look for opportunities to advance yourself so that you can break out of the mundane job and access employment that better suits your skillset and passions.  In relationships, this card asks you, or asks you to notice another, to focus on what makes you/him/her fearful of love, of commitment … the reasons or excuses you wish to not risk getting involved at a deeper level with another.  Love, especially friendship love, requires that you step out of your comfort zone to relate, entangle, with an-other.  Relating is a two-way street.  Today, be less miserly (a word related to “miserable”) and loosen your grip … count your blessings and be grateful.  With your finances, appreciate that whatever your situation is at this moment, there is someone less fortunate than you, and so don’t be so hard on yourself.  Release the state of fear to be released from the stress that fear brings to your BEing.


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