Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Wands



Your perseverance from the other day (5 of Wands) has paid off and you’re coming out on top!  Keep believing in what you can do to overcome lingering fear and self-doubt.  Remember the King of Wands in your corner?  Garner courage and self-confidence and just do it, because you are on a roll.  Don’t hesitate to make clear where you stand with others.  Being an independent today drives your point home.  You’re clear-headed, contrary to others’ perceptions, and your position will likely clarify the situation for those others.  This tack will also work well in your relationships.  If you’re still a free agent, you’re about to meet someone while visiting locations outside your usual spots. Tired of workplace politics-nonsense and thinking of branching out on your own?  Today’s a great day to brainstorm a logical plan for self-employment or a side job that can be done alongside your regular job.  You might experience a well-deserved bonus or increase in income, so again, be sensible and don’t spend it all in one place.  If you’re worrying about an aspect of your health, stop worrying and do something proactive to remove that unnecessary mindset, such as consulting your medical provider for answers.  Unearth your fears, don’t continue to bury them, because hesitation now hinders your journey and overall happiness in being.


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