Tarot Contemplation – The Star


One of my favorite cards in the Tarot … The Star is definitely a good omen indicating that your aspirations are being met and that the Universe is conspiring with you to make it so.  You are at a peek manifestation moment, so savor it by taking full advantage of the positive energies flowing your way.  You create what your heart looks-to.  New opportunities are flying into your life, so be ready and open to them all.  Your relationship with your partner is going well and you will both reach new heights of contentment and fulfillment.  If you’re dating, this is a definite sign that you’ll meet someone special, so be sure to go out and mingle.  Continue taking care of your health because your diligence is paying off … always remember that your health is your wealth.  Financially, you are doing much better and work and business opportunities are opening to you even more favorably.  If you can afford it, now is the time to take a risk in the stock market, or to gamble.  Don’t go overboard, of course (because we benefit today from remaining on the Middle Path always), but Luck is definitely on your side today. Continue with yesterday’s vibe of sharing what you know with others because you are inspiring others.  Paying it forward today sows good karma for you tomorrow.


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