Tarot Contemplation – Six of Pentacles


You are continuing to benefit from this same positive energy wave that initiated last Thursday … that is, your efforts and focus are paying off, and your actions of paying it forward are continuing to attract more positive opportunities that bring abundance into your life.  That powerful person that began supporting you last week is creating bridges for you to cross this week.  This benefits you in the workplace and on the job front.  Utilize the positive energies of yesterday’s Ace of Cups to nurture and encourage this relationship.  In relationships, all continues well with you and your partner because you are both feeling prosperous and successful being together as a couple.  If you are dating, that person you casually met the other day is warming up to you, and you to him/her, so feel encouraged to get to know this special person.   The steps you’ve been taking to care for your body health continue to yield positive results relative to your awareness of problems that need fixing, so remain positive and expect the best outcome from pursuing resources made available to you here. Continue your path of learning and understanding of spiritual ideas at a deeper level and sharing what you know.  You are yielding beneficial results working all aspects of the Law of Attraction now.


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