Tarot Contemplation – Two of Wands


The number 2 indicates that your attention is best placed on keeping your perspectives and perceptions in balance on even the smallest details of your life.  Don’t allow those health habits you’ve been recently cultivating slip:  persistence sets a habit that feels natural.  And, even though you’ve experienced a couple of great days in your relationships, today is a reminder that great relationships are founded on give-and-take considerations.  In other words, it’s not always about you, and you and your partner are benefiting from more open communications.  If you’re single, the Two of Wands counsels to “not judge a book by its cover”, that is, temper your initial perceptions of those you meet and engage in conversation to view others in a fairer light.  That said, if things have been in flux at work, then they’re about to even out and run more smoothly for a better fit.  Despite criticisms you might have experienced, don’t let anyone put off your self-confidence.  You’re more together than you might realize at work.  Your finances are looking healthier because you’ve been more mindful of your spending, so if you’re within budget and you need something, you have the ability to spend on an item of worth to you.  Today is a great day for chakra-balancing meditation, as this supports your body’s overall health.  Remember, you are always spiritually and emotionally in partnership with yourself.  Engaging in such energywork proves beneficial to your body, mind and spirit.


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