Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Cups


Ah, onward and upward, and this Knight is the bearer of good news and positive vibes.  Things are beginning to smooth down for you at work and projects are proceeding better than you expected.  A definite improvement from the other day.  If you’re dating or looking, this Knight says you’re about to meet someone who’s going to sweep you off your feet!  In an established relationship, you and your partner are getting along much better and feeling very committed to each other.  Your finances are shaping up and good news is headed your way.  If you’re in the process of sorting out what you have on your books, be assured that your finances don’t look as bad as you might think.  Paying closer attention to your health is yielding positive test results, and that means you are beginning to accomplish your health goals.  Be sure to go into meditation today.  Take the time, because Spirit is bringing a message to you … either through circumstance or a person … that will further expand your spiritual understanding about the Way It Is.


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