Contacting Your Guardian Angel

With each of us resides a special angel in all of our lives since our baptism; it protects our soul from sin and the body – from earthly miseries, and helps us to live a holy life, so he called in prayer patron body and soul. We ask the guardian angel to forgive our sins, deliver us from the tricks of the devil and prayed for us to the Lord.

Prayer guardian angel (general)
This prayer is read in the morning.

Oh, Holy Angel (name), the applicant before our Lord for my soul, my body and my life is sinful! Do not leave me, a sinner, and turn away from me for all my sins. I beg you! Do not let the evil demon to take possession of my soul and my body. Strengthen my weak and pliable soul and lead it on the right path. Please, God, and the guardian angel of my soul! Forgive me for all the sins that I have offended you for my whole life unrighteousness. I forgive all my sins that I committed in the past day, and save me a new day. Save my soul from the various temptations that I have not angered the Lord. Please, pray for me to our Lord to come upon me his grace and peace of mind. Amen

Prayer guardian angel, to atone for the sins before God
This prayer is read in the evening, before going to bed

Holy Angel of Christ, my benefactor and protector, to thee will I cry, my thoughts about you, yak same through you and the Lord God. I repent sincerely of our sins, forgive me, accursed, because they are not done with malicious intent, but by his thoughtlessness. ‘Who has forgotten the word of the Lord and sinned against faith, against the Lord. I beseech you, bright angel, I hear my prayers, forgive my soul! It’s not my fault that, but my weak understanding. ‘Who will forgive me, the unworthy, to pray for the salvation of my soul to our Father in Heaven. I appeal to you with these things, and through you to the Lord God for forgiveness and mercy. Az is ready to bear the redemption of his sin in order to escape the evil networks. Pray for me, the holy angel. Amen

Prayer guardian angel to protect against injury in an accident.
This prayer is read before you leave the house.
It is advisable to print it, or rewrite and carry.

Holy Angel, the defender from all crafty fishermen, patron and benefactor! How to take care of every need of your help in a moment of accidental misfortune, and take care of me, a sinner. Do not leave me, hear my prayer, and protect me from the wound, ulcer, from any accident. I entrust to you my life as I entrust the soul. And beg for my soul: the Lord our God, protect the same about my life, my body charms from any damage. Amen.

Prayer guardian angel to protect against misconduct

‘Who being in deep distress, but not happy about the surplus and not for shameful satiety appeal to you, holy Angel. Help me, servant of God (name), like a help all the will of God. Save me from the grave ills, for my soul has got into temptation. Has saved from wrongdoing, that harm no one and caused the commandments of God are not violated. Save, holy, Refrain from others to not deliver to his suffering on thoughtlessness and weakness of his. Has saved, save my soul, and pray for me to the Lord. For you, my guardian angel, their hopes lay. Amen.

Prayer guardian angel to protect against failures

Crossed himself a holy sign, turn in prayer hard to you, Angel, curator moeya body and soul. ‘Who knowest my affairs, to guide me, to send me a fortune, so do not leave, and in a moment of my failures. Forgive my sins, inasmuch as sin against faith. Protect, holy, by bad luck. Let setbacks and adversity, passion sidestep your ward, let all my doings is decided will of the Lord, Lover of mankind, and never I will not suffer from bad luck. Of whom I pray thee, the benefactor. Amen.

Thanksgiving prayer guardian angel
Prayer is read, when to praise the Lord

Others like to thank and glorify their Lord, the One God of the Orthodox Jesus Christ for all things for Him, I call upon you, the holy angel of Christ, the divine warrior. I appeal to the prayer of thanksgiving, thank you for your kindness to me and for your intercession for me before the Lord. Praised be the Lord, the angels!

Troparion of the Guardian Angel, 6 GLASS:

Angel of God, / my holy guardian, / my belly, keep in strength with the Christ God / my mind strengthen in the true path, / and to the vulnerability of celestial love of my soul / so directed by thee / receive from God’s great mercy of Christ.

Kontakion, Tone 4:

Hath appeared unto me merciful, / the holy angel of the Lord, my keeper, / and not to leave Me , / but on me enlighten light untouchable / And make on me worthy of the heavenly Kingdom.


— Roughly translated from Russian Orthodox literature


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