Tarot Contemplation – Four of Pentacles


You are hanging on too tightly to material things and people … what do you fear that is making you feel insecure and unprotected?  Being anxious and grasping will not bring you the security you seek.  If you love something, then you must let it go … and if it’s meant to be, then it will return to you.  Remember that saying?  Today, it applies to your present situation.  Are you too comfy in your job and that paycheck, even though what you’re doing no longer stimulates you and you feel dull?  Are you feeling unfulfilled in your relationship after all?  To be clingy is unhealthy, and this includes hanging onto old hurts and grudges.  What steps are you willing to take to change your present situation so that you are in growth mode again and without harming anyone in the process?  Make the time to meditate on these situations today because, as Buddha teaches us, non-attachment is freedom.  Change is actually the only constant in life … and change is inevitable:  struggle is an option.  Start your inquiry there.


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