Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Swords


Just when everything seems to be going so well … you are warned to watch your Six.  Recent successes in your life have attracted scrutiny from others.  To avoid indulging the useless exercise of  emoting worry, make sure you are doing things the right way and in a righteous way.  Your work and conduct are being examined closely, so be sure your actions are beyond reproach.  Stay away from office politics.  This is also not a good day for gambling, so forego on that Lotto ticket, too.  If you now feel that your physician’s opinion on health management has limiting options, seeking a second or third opinion today will yield new and perhaps beneficial information.  Your spiritual explorations have brought you to one or two different teachers that are now demanding your financial support.  Be careful with new-found spiritual friends … Hold off on these commitments and sleep on it before plunking down that wad of cash.  Continue exploring your options.


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