Tarot Contemplation – The Hanged Man

GD TAROT_Hanged Man

We’ve seen this crossroads before … so, know that it’s a time of Choice.  Choice is tied to your ego (small “e”), and that translates to Control.  Have you looked at ways to release from attempts to control life, situations, relationships?  Are your attitudes outdated about these things, or are these perceptions the areas you wish to change?  Now is the time to create a beneficial energy flow by choosing to release negative, self-limiting beliefs.  And, do exercise patience:  the Wheel of Life turns slowly … but, it does turn.  Release to be released and rebalanced.  Try infusing a bit of a positive approach by performing acts that Pay It Forward to rev up energies of abundance your way — it could be the one physical act that sparks the energy that manifests your heart’s desires.


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