Tarot Contemplation – King of Pentacles


Success shall surely come your way when you elect to follow the established way of doing things.  Now is the time to be good stewards of our lives, of our energies and the material resources available to all.  The King of Pentacles can also be a masculine fellow with darker eyes and hair who has your trust.  At work, he could be an older gentleman that plays a major role in your working environment … he is wise, fair, but somehow quick to pass judgment.  He may become your staunch supporter, even if you have yet to meet him.  You’re still being scrutinized at work, but no worries:  keep doing your diligent best and you’ll be glad they’re watching.  In romance, you are about to meet someone who will sweep you off your feet and appreciate you for who and what you are.  So, remain honest and don’t project what you aren’t to reap the best results today.  Don’t hesitate to be forthright, especially if you’re feeling stuck in your main relationships.  This is one time when carefully thought-out words will yield good results with your partner.  Finances continue on an upswing because of your past diligence with curtailing expenses and extravagance.  Continue that level of vigilance with your finances and you will continue to build your finances more quickly.  You will attract more positive energies of abundance by continuing small acts of kindness of Paying It Forward.  And here’s another twist related to the Law of Attraction and your finances:  do a bit more research into spiritual traditions and see what is offered from thought-provoking resources.


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