Tarot Contemplation – Five of Cups



What are you going to choose to focus on?  Stop crying over spilt milk; focus on the “milk” you still have and continue forward.  Watch where you put your focus and make sure that the focus is for your highest good.  Be proactive, not pushy.  If you were inquiring about work, it could be that you are in the wrong job. Consider what you would like to be doing.  Take steps to make it happen.  A long-term relationship might be winding down, but take heart:  all is not lost.  Give yourself time and space … then pick yourself up and move on.  When things end, it’s because the old is giving way to new opportunities for growth.  Use Law of Attraction smarts and end your worrying about money.  Worry actually attracts negative energies and negative outcomes.  If you’re aiming for better flow, then act in the opposite manner.  Be generous and give something away, or make a small donation to a cause you believe in.  Bottom line:  maintain a positive attitude, release grudges and hurt feelings over what someone else did to you and leave the past in the past.  Be present, in this Now.  Spiritually, the lesson of the day is Forgiveness.  You don’t forgive others for their sake or because they deserve it.  You forgive for your sake, because holding onto anger and pain is toxic to your Spirit as well as your Body.  Let go and let it flow.


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