Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Wands


You’re ready and set to tackle your Monday!  You’re feeling charged up, full of energy and ready to get things done.  Your self-confidence is likely increasing and this ought to assist you in achieving your goals.  Your projects are likely to be/have been more successful than you would have expected or predicted.  You have many reasons to feel pride.  Savor it.  You may be asked to travel in connection with your job … and this ought to go well and bring at least a few enjoyable moments.  Work news is good.  If you’re interviewing, you will likely find that you got the position.  The new job will be good for you.  You may meet a new person at work who has light-colored hair.  Take the time to converse with him/her.  If you’ve already got a partner, be sure that your communication is as clear as it can be.  These moves will improve your feelings of closeness substantially.  Finances ought to be going well and money is flowing more easily, so be sure to save a little and cut expenses where you can.  You’ve been good about minding your health, so keep it up … but take it easy on the exercise such that you don’t do something overzealously and cause a sprained ankle.  Continue with your research into spiritual questions you might have.  Devote some time, energy and money, if possible, to the spiritual causes you believe in …


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