Tarot Contemplation – The Moon


Your Spidey intuition is definitely ON, so trust your instincts and your impressions, even if you don’t know where they are coming from.  However, here’s a caveat:  all is not what it seems.  If you feel you cannot trust someone, then you probably can’t.  Go with your Gut.  If you are waiting on another for answers, you will need to be patient as it’s going to take a while.  Don’t make business decisions based on anything other than absolute concrete fact.  Ask questions and practice active listening to make sure you and your co-workers understand each other perfectly.  Remain calm and patient.  Give your co-workers and supervisors the benefit of a doubt, because reality may not be anywhere close to as bad as you think.  Emotions are running high in your key relationships.  Don’t make assumptions.  Take a break if you need to … and if you have to argue, be fair and keep those emotions in check.  As far as health is concerned, definitely follow your intuition, if you find you are not in agreement with your healthcare provider, get a second opinion, or a new provider.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and to flashes of information that come seemingly out of nowhere.  To entertain your Muse, why not check out a few of those spiritually esoteric sources  … you’ll get more out of reading them than usual.


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