Tarot Contemplation – Wheel of Fortune


This is a very spiritual and karmically-oriented time.  Change is on your horizon and, for most of you, this is a very good thing.  If you’ve been getting through a rough patch on your Life’s journey, then things are looking up for you today.  If you’ve been riding high on the hog lately, then perhaps today’s changes might bring you back down to earth, and so take care.  Be grateful for the things in your life and keep your perspective clear.  You might decide that now is a good time to walk away from your comfy routine of a job and do something else that is more in alignment with what best serves you and your skill set.  If you are feeling like changing jobs but don’t know where to start, call up someone who does what you dream of doing yourself … Be bold, and ask him/her to lunch and ask whether you could shadow this person for a day as a way of researching the possibilities and opportunities.  You just might be surprised with a positive response.  Whatever you decide to do today, do not resist the winds of Change.  Minimize your body stress by maintaining your good nutrition habits you’ve been cultivating, alongside giving yourself plenty of rest and exercise.  Bottom line:  accept whatever your fair share of responsibility is for the situation you are currently facing … be accountable to yourself if to no one else … and move on.  Sometimes, things do just happen.  If this is you today, remember you are never alone in that experience so reach out for support because the support you need is truly always available.


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