Tarot Contemplation – Two of Swords


The number 2 is about balance … and after all the changes that are manifesting in your life at the moment, balance is exactly what is required to get back on track. Your partnerships with an-other … whether friendships, romantic, business … are doing all right, but how much are you willing to give and take to maintain the balance? You’re not always right and everyone, to some degree, has something to offer in a partnership. Keeping communications open ensures strong partnerships. If you’re waiting on others for decisions to be made that affect you, remain patient and don’t push. Watch your finances and make sure you know where you stand money-wise to the penny: balance your books. Meditate on how you are feeling about the things/people in your life. Remember that balance begins with how you’re feeling about yourself, so give yourself the Time to deal with your emotional self first.


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