Tarot Contemplation – Three of Pentacles


Your focus is paying off.  People around you appreciate you and your efforts and notice the quality of what you do, even when you don’t get paid.  You’re on the right track; keep doing what you’re doing.  This is an extremely positive card relative to work and career.  Your work is appreciated and generally well regarded, and that’s a very good place to find yourself.  If you are seeking employment, this card hints that you can expect success fairly quickly.  In relationships, people see you in a positive light as someone who has the qualities that they are looking for … even if love hasn’t quite developed yet.  If you’re dating, you’re likely to meet someone through work or through their work.  Stay sharp!  Your finances are looking healthier and this card can mean that your proverbial ship has come in, though you still must do your part.  Your health is also taking a positive turn for the better.  You are reaping rewards from the work you have done and the quality of it.  Keep upbeat and moving forward to ride this wave of Abundance.  Spiritually, learn more about rituals from the past to deepen your spiritual understanding and practice.


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