Tarot Contemplation – The Tower


Reality check:  another game changer coming your way!  You’re not finished checking those around you from the other day when the Tower showed up (just a few days ago).  Just keep your temper under control, because words will have a tendency to be tossed about without much thought or consideration today.  Be smarter and pick your battles.  Do not go flying off the handle today.  Give yourself a few moments to think things through and plan your next steps.  Even if you find today’s news hard to stomach, find out exactly what you’re dealing with:  it may not be as bad as you think it is.  It’s critical that you pay close attention to what you are doing now.  Exercise could prove to be an ideal stress-buster, so if that’s what you need to keep cool (how ’bout a swim?), go for it.  Giving yourself space will allow new understandings and insights to come to you in the blink of an eye.

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