Tarot Contemplation – Nine of Wands


Are you feeling anxious, keyed up and/or burdened over concerns?  First things first:  stop, take a deep slow breath … inhale … then gently exhale.  Now, do it again.  Don’t let the things you are worrying about overwhelm you.  Take things moment to moment, if you must.  Get very specific on where your fear(s) lie(s) and pick it apart.  What is the likelihood of your worry?  Often, our worries turn out to be imaginary.  Try not to contribute to the tension:  think before you speak.  Be sure you are treating yourself as well as you can.  Strike a balance in exercise, food and water intake, and get plenty of rest.  Breathing and meditation exercises are particularly useful to you now.  Surround yourself with positive people.  You will soon have the answers you seek.


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