Tarot Contemplation – The Star


One of my favorite cards in the entire deck, the Star is about Inspiration.  You’re feeling more hopeful about the future and more confident that your needs, whether these are emotional or financial or both, will be met.  This is also a very spiritual card.  You may find yourself for a time feeling at one with all of Creation.  Savor it.  Bottom line, this card is a good omen.  You are probably already inclined to be thinking positively — this is a time to do so, specifically.  What are the changes that you would like to make, or see in your life?  Make a list.  You can accomplish nearly anything that you set out to do now.  Think Big.  Work ought to be going very well now.  If you’re not happy at your current position, this is a time when you can expect new opportunities to come flying into your life if you are open to them.  Dust off your resume, read tips and tactics about making positive career changes, and when opportunity knocks, be prepared to answer.  This is an excellent time to meet someone new, if you’re looking for a partner.  If you’re ready for a relationship, get out and mingle.  A new relationship can happen at any time.  If you are already committed, then your relationship may move to new, higher, more fulfilling levels.  The Star is a powerful omen for your finances.  You will do better financially than you imagined.  This is a great time to take risks (as we saw yesterday, this trend is continuing), to ask for more money at your job, and to sell things.  You have everything that you need, and then some.  Enjoy it.  Health-wise, you’re good.  Enjoy feeling calm and inspired as you continue to take good care of yourself.  Spiritually, you’re feeling more in touch … this is a great time to reach out to others and share your perspectives and your joy.  Your actions will, in turn, attract more abundance to you.  Shine on!


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