Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Pentacles


After having invested in persistent efforts to better yourself and your life, we come to a day of return on your investments.  This could be literal or figurative.  You are reaping what you have sown.  The energies nurture feelings of security and feeling more secure than you have in a while.  The future appears brighter with more opportunities headed your way.  You are being presented with new choices:  whether to place your energies into the persons, things or situations in which you’re already involved, versus whether to invest your energies trying to bring something new into your life.  Choose wisely.  Spiritually, the focus is on the reality that life is cyclical, that what goes ’round comes ’round without fail.  Something to remember when you make it a point to be generous … whether with your time, energy or money … since these actions are also investments into your future.  Share what you have.  Accept gracefully what you are given.  Have a great week!


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