Tarot Contemplation – The Hanged Man

GD TAROT_Hanged Man

You are at another crossroads because you’re leveling up.  Choices … and indecision about wanting to do something, but not quite knowing what that something is, or how to go about accomplishing the task.  Clear your head.  Step back, BREATHE full breaths and relax those shoulders.  Allow your mind to clear with each out-breath to let go of that need to control life, situations, people and things.  REassess/REevaluate and then REdirect your energies … this is the best way to utilize the influences of Mercury REtrograde to get you through this juncture.  REmove notions of self-fulfilling prophecies and pay attention to how you allow yourself to say or think about your life.  Those prophecies ought to be about REnewal and bear some REsemblance to the life you really wish to be.


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