Tarot Contemplation – Two of Pentacles


Today is a day of multi-tasking and nimble movement.  You have a lot to deal with and you deal with it with ease and grace.  You are required to be flexible and adaptable, to take life’s ups and downs as they come and to go with the flow.  Like a juggler, in life we sometimes have to keep more than one ball in the air.  Though we may drop the balls sometimes, if we can keep at it, with a smile on our face, we will become wiser and stronger and ready to take on even more.  Alternatively, it may be the case that someone is doing a lot of busy work in order to ignore the overwhelming emotions or to feel like they have control over an uncontrollable situation.  The other message here is “follow the money.”  You may need to travel or even move house in order to take advantage of material opportunities.


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