Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups


Another person you know or will encounter is about to cross your path … or, again, today’s energies represent an aspect of yourself or one that is being called forth now … she is a mature, sensitive, romantic person.  An empathetic, soothing and kind listener.  She helps others to understand their own emotions.  She is connected to her higher self and receptive to messages from her dreams.  She pays close attention to her feelings and intuition.  She always listens to her heart.  She is a loving mother.  She gives much to others and may require solitude in order to restore herself.  Being near water restores and inspires her.  She is artistic and visionary.  She can sometimes be moody, emotionally manipulative, or deceitful.  Today is a day to nourish and nurture your self.  Spending time in or near water will be especially soothing, so go to the beach, or have a long bath.  By caring for your self now, you will build the strength to be there for others when they need you.  Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care!


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