Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Wands


This Queen is a mature, confident, passionate person dedicated to her pursuits in career, family and love.  She is popular and fun.  People love to be around her for her inspiring energy and joyful demeanor.  She is generous and loves to make others smile.  She’s also super sexy!  She does what she loves, takes chances in following her passion and lives life with her own personal flair.  She sometimes uses her charisma and sex appeal to manipulate others.  She can also be impulsive and has a quick temper.  Sound like some aspect of you, or perhaps someone of this nature will cross your path today?  Take these energies as a sign that you know exactly what you need today.  Trust your intuition … chances are it is quite loud.  Be confident and proud about doing what’s best for you and in pursuit of your dreams.  No apologies.  In fact, your confidence and independence are likely to attract admiration from others.


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