Tarot Contemplation – Three of Pentacles


Whatever you are currently working on, today take a step back to look at your long term vision.  There is a good energy today for practical planning.  Use it to make sure you are setting the right priorities and approaching your project in the best way.  Don’t be afraid to seek advice from a more experienced person; not only is asking for help not shameful, it’s smart!  When this card appears, a project is beginning to manifest.  People are coming together to make something happen.  The foundation is being poured for the new house.  Progress is being made on the first draft of that big essay.  You are beginning the apprenticeship that will lead to mastery of your profession.  You are using what you have learned to turn a profit.  The intentions you have sent into the universe are beginning to come to fruition.  It is important that you are mindful that this is an early stage of progress and you still have much to learn.  Watch how others work and listen to criticism so that you can continue to grow.  This is the time to assess your project and see if it is in line with your larger goals.  If it is, persevere.  If not, spend some time choosing the right activities and partnerships to lead you toward your long-term goals.

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