Tarot Contemplation – King of Swords


Today, either an aspect of yourself or a literal someone with similar characteristics will emerge before you.  Take this as your guidance, still riding the energetic wave of Justice as reinforced by yesterday’s Hermit.  This King is a mastermind.  He has a mature, calm, analytical intellect which he uses in the pursuit of truth and justice.  He is a direct communicator and an absolute professional.  His decisions are based on careful thought.  He knows who he is and is committed to his own truth.  He will not bend to peer pressure or societal norms.  He is assertive and can even be aggressive in the pursuit of justice.  He is ethical and does not sway from what he believes is right.  He is not one to consider the emotions of himself or others when they are in conflict with logic or ethics.  The King of Swords is an excellent observer and can offer an objective perspective in confusing situations.  He may value ideas over relationships, or do things that make it seem like he does.


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