From Adept Initiates … on Tikun HaNefesh, the Correction of the Soul

When we are born we may feel that we are clean slates, unwritten books, without a past to taint the future, wide open and ready to grow. However, according to Kabbalah, while we are born with endless potential to do great things in this lifetime, our slates are not exactly clean.

According to kabbalists, our current life is influenced by the lives we’ve lived previously. We are born with a tikun, or issues we are meant to repair in this life. Tikun is the Aramaic word for “correction.” Our tikun shows us how our past influences our present or more specifically, how the choices we’ve made determine which choices we should make in the future. Our tikun could be related to money, health, or relationships (romantic, platonic, or familial). Meaning, in any particular area of our lives we may need to correct behavior that was reactive or selfish in the past.
Understanding our personal tikun helps us to:
Pinpoint weaknesses that lead us off course

Recognize unresolved issues from our past

Overcome obstacles that may inhibit our growth and ability to connect with the Light

Let go of our fears

Fulfill our highest potential

How do you identify your personal tikun? 

It’s really quite simple. Whatever causes you pain or discomfort is your tikun.
Have you ever felt that you were coming up against the same wall repeatedly? Have you ever felt that the universe was conspiring against you, that you couldn’t seem to get a break? When we come face to face with the same problems over and over again, that’s the Creator showing you that you need to work on some aspect of your behavior. That’s your tikun. Unless you learn the lesson, you are bound to repeat it.
Your tikun is like a navigation device in your car. When you make a wrong turn, your tikun reroutes to keep you on course. That road is taking you straight to the issue that you need to work on. Without it, we would get lost and may never fully deal with the issues we are meant to correct. Rav Berg explains, “Our tikun shows us the way, shows us the work we need to do on ourselves.” Until we work through our tikun, we are never fully living, never fully meeting our highest potential for greatness.
We each have roadblocks that we are not meant to circumvent. In order to correct our tikun, it is important to look at our behavior and tackle that roadblock head-on. It’s easy to displace responsibility and blame others or claim innocence. The hard work is acknowledging the hand we play in our own happiness and fulfillment.
The sooner we do the work and correct our tikuns, the sooner we will be able to truly live. The road to happiness and fulfillment may not be smooth. Know that your work lies where you feel pain and discomfort. This is your tikun; this is what you are meant to correct in this life.
Throughout history, kabbalists have used this healing meditation twice a day, seven days a week, to regenerate and revitalize all the organs of the body. It is called Tikun HaNefesh, the Correction of the Soul and it is one of the most powerful healing tools of Kabbalah. Using the chart as a guide, hold your right hand over the particular part of the body to which you are channeling energy. The body parts are listed and the boxes numbered, so it will be easy for you to follow the sequences, start from box #1 (the skull) all the way to box #17 (the feet). Look at the Aramaic letter combination for the specific area of the body that you are focusing on, and allow the Light to penetrate through your right hand, into that part of the body.

– Living Wisdom Kabbalah 

Carrie Love 🐍


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