Burning IncenseBurning Incense speaks to me without saying a word to my conscious mind

As I light the Incense it stirs my emotions

It brings back to me the memories I hold so dearly of places I visited events I went to and people who have been long forgotten

It burns
It attracts a higher spiritual force
It gives me the ability to believe

Prayers and Wishes turn into smoke

Blessings granted


Begin with a base of talcum

To the base add the herbs

Grind the mixture into a powder

Then add a few drops of essential oil

Mix well

Place the incense in a jar tightly lidded and label it2014-10-12 22.13.40INCENSE AND THE MOON CYCLE

For Love and Attraction: New Moon to Full Moon

For Personal or Psychic Power: Full Moon

For Protection or Banishing: Waning Moon to Dark Moon

Just think for a moment…

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