The research files vol. III: Osiris

Morino Ravenberg

Hi again, and this time as the header already indicates I will write about my latest invocation, and also my first time summoning a pagan God, namely Osiris.
For those that do not know him, Osiris is the Egyptian God of the afterlife & resurrection to name a few. Before I get down to his skills and ability I must mention that I have noticed a significant difference between a god and a celestial/ infernal spirit; the latter one is considerably stronger and the energy is stronger (When referring to infernal spirits I mean genuine ones, so not the ones with a pagan origin/ background); with Osiris, it felt more human-like, the aura. No offense intended towards him of course, he is still great. But this is personally for me another reason why I prefer Angels & Demons over Pagan Gods. I don’t think I will ever deliberately work with one…

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