Moon Phase Last Quarter + 5 days

Riding Moon Cycles

LQ+5. The lunar cycle today is 5 days after the Last Quarter waning moon. There is no moon to see in the sky because the thin crescent is close to the sun.


LQ+5 Moon phase and Emotions

Hold the wisdom that you have gained through the dark times as a dear possession, like an egg protected in a warm, fuzzy blanket in a covered basket, safe and sound. Let the world pass you by. Wait.

Believe that an answer to the current situation does exist. This alone will keep you in the right frame of mind to recognize the solution when it arrives on your doorstep.

Switch to compassion instead of worry or despair.

LQ+5 Moon phase and Mind

While you are sitting in the compost heap of your own emptiness, feel a new sense of hope returning. Welcome the sense of starting a new cycle in a few days.


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