There Is a Process to Merging Into the Spirit

Khepfer Haru

10405257_586903231425109_1581608540522628808_nThere are many who think that the process of connecting with spirit unfolds in a way unique to them, and while the subjective perception will certainly experience its evolution in its own unique way, because our vessels (physical, emotional, and mental bodies) are all constructed based on the same ‘image’ or ‘structure’, we cannot say that the process is different for each individual in terms of the ‘steps’ or ‘sequence’.

One individual may have different energetic blockages and restrictions than I do, but the system and energetic body through which the energy flows is structurally identical.  It is therefore a false teaching to instruct that the method for entering the spirit differs for each individual; there are different types of techniques and practices, but all work on the same fundamental process of cultivating and harnessing energy for the purposes of strengthening our awareness and merging into the spiritual worlds.

The physical analogue to…

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