Ritual of Angelic Purification


Angel Invocation for the Nine Choirs

  • Brilliant Seraphim I call to thee – circle ’round, bring love to me.
  • Mighty Cherubim guard my gate – remove from me sorrow and hate.
  • Thrones stand firm, stable be – keep me steady on land or sea.
  • I call Dominions, leadership true – may I be fair in all I do.
  • Circles of protection Powers form – help me weather any storm.
  • Miraculous Virtues hover near – elemental energies I summon here.
  • Principalities bring global reform – bless the world and each babe born.
  • Glorious Archangels show me the way – to bring peace and harmony every day.
  • Guardian angel, with all your might – bless me with your guiding light.

Chanting an Angel Invocation to align with the Angels

Meaning of the Words

Eee – “All that I am that is not physical, my mind and my emotions.

Nu – My physical body.

Rah – My soul.

Zay – In the company of Angels.

The WHOLE CHANT means – “I bring all of myself, mind, emotions, body and soul, together in the company of Angels.”

  • Sit down and relax allow your heart to open to the Angels.
  • Close your eyes and open your mouth allowing the words to flow.

Eee Nu Rah

Eee Nu Rah

Eee Nu Rah


Each word is chanted on the same note – C-sharp – but you can use whatever feels right for you and repeat as many times as needed.



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