The Mystery of Fire


“This radiance is so great that it can-not be limited by the skull and it pours out from the head, especially from the back of the neck where the uppermost vertebra of the spine articulates with the condyles of the occipital bone. It is this light pouring our in a fan-shaped aura around the posterior part of the head that has given rise to the halos of saints and the nimbus so often used in religious art. This light signifies human regeneration and it forms part of the auric bodies of man.”

― Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

In the bible we are told that Jesus was crucified in a place called “Golgotha,” which means the”skull”. But contrary to popular belief, no actual place ever existed with this name. That tells us that this story is greatly allegorical and is referring to our thoughts being judged in our “temple,” or the pre-frontal cortex of the brain.


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