Reflections – The Importance of Self-work

Piercing the Veil of Reality

Lately I’ve been in a more introspective mood. There is a lot happening in the world outside and within, the inner world. Self-work always entails a certain struggle and conflict in order to confront the predator within. According to traditional esoteric teachings, without friction there is no conscious evolution. Suffering is the catalyst for growth if it is transmuted accordingly, the work to own the shadow and not suppress it or project it, within and without. The battle inside,  to manifest the real “I”, the center of true Being, Knowledge and Love.  John Lennon said, “all you need is love” and you hear it everywhere these days in the New Age World that “love is the answer”. Yes, love is the answer, but we first need to really know what love is. It is a word that is and has been abused and mistaken for many things.


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