A Simple Cleansing Ritual For The Haunted

The Witch & Walnut

goetia_girls_ghost_girlSo you think you have a ghost problem? A visitor stopping by in the middle of the night to watch you while you sleep? Things go bump in the night? Let me start by saying I get a knock on my door, emails and calls regarding this more so than anything else and how to deal.

House cleansing is a service I do not offer, ever, to anyone no matter what. I have zero interest in going into anyone’s home that I do not know, nor do I have any interest in having whatever may lurk around the corner in your house attach to me and come home with me. This is for my own safety and my family’s safety.

I do not believe in the devil, however that does not mean that bad and very negative energy does not exist. Just like there are good and bad humans, same applies…

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