Meditation for the Day – June 24, 2017

Learn the lessons of Virtue, and thus build up in the strength of knowledge, destroying ignorance and the ills of life.

WHERE Love is, God is, and where Goodness lives
There Christ abides; and he who daily strives
’Gainst self and selfishness, shaping his mind
For Truth and Purity, shall surely find
The Master’s presence in his inmost heart.
God shall be one with him (and not apart)
Who overcomes himself, and makes his life
Godlike and holy; banishing all strife
Far from him; letting hate and anger die,
And greed and pride and fleshly lusts that lie
To God and Goodness: great shall be his peace,
Happy and everlasting his release
From pain and sorrow who doth conquer sin.
To the pure heart comes God and dwells therein:
He only who the Path of Good hath trod
Hath found the Life that’s “hid with Christ in God.”

— James Allen



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