Today’s Meditation, by Sri Parvathi Kumar

Tables turn. Time tables framed. Planetary
adjustments. Levels set in squares. Set-squares erected.
Right angles established. Wrong angles adjusted.
Accounts squared up.


As the hunter becomes the king, many pleasant transformations happen in him.  The soul, the traveller, takes to an altogether different direction in travel from now onwards. The life plan changes totally but gradually. A new time-table is framed for him in tune with the Divine Plan. The individual plan merges into the Divine Plan. Consequently, the planetary aspects of his horoscope get adjusted and do not impose the Karma as before. On the contrary, planetary cooperation takes place and planetary adjustments thus happen.

An appropriate orientation is gained towards the objectivity. The objectivity is seen as the field for the intelligent manifestation of the Divine Plan. The objectivity is the square with which levels are set. The
disciple functions with the surrounding people at level. He interacts with a child like a child, with an adult as an adult, with the wise as the wise, with intellectuals as an intellectual, with diplomats as a diplomat, with the defaulters as the ruler, with the devotional as their God, with friends as a friend, etc. Thus, in the square of objectivity, he sets levels as per others. As per him, he has no level. He lives in “nil, none, nought levels.”

With his reoriented new approach to life and to objectivity, he erects fresh structures of life in the fellow beings, establishing right angles in them and lovingly eliminating the wrong angles in order to enable them to clear their Karma. This is the work of every accomplished soul.

All these adjustments can be seen in the biographies of initiates such as Jesus and Moses in the West and Yudhishtira, Nala, Harischandra and a host of others in the East.


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