Some practices for a closeted witch

Wolf Of Antimony Occultism

These are some practices that may be helpful for a closeted practitioners practice, if they want to go through the process of manifesting their desire without anyone noticing.


You could practice sigil magick:

Sigils are very discreet and through the process of sigilization you can create sigils that take the form of doodles, or even of visual pieces of art. You could go to the process of learning to create hyper sigils, and learn to manifest your desire through poetry, fictional stories, and other forms of literature, and art. You could create music or sounds that are sigils that could be listened to, and played on instruments. All of this could be pretty much invisible to anyone else experiencing it, and would just look like forms of artistic expression.

You could practice kitchen magick:

Kitchen magick is very discreet, and by simply understanding ingredients, and the metaphysical properties of those ingredients. You…

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