Brainstorms and Lilith pain body speaks astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

the big hits  just keep in coming.

An air and earth trine

Mars in Aquarius trine Gemini sun   bright ideas and sparkling conversations

this is the time for radical think tanks,  putting your heads together and brainstorm away. In tune conversations with your tribe about astroligy-ruled by Aquarius. I’m at s huge Astrology conference in Chicago with thousands of participants. It’s amazing in the Windy City soeaking of air signs.

Mercury in Taurus @ 22+ degrees trines Lilith and Pluto

her pain body is telling the truth of the thousands of years of tape abuse sexual and emotional abuse. Harvey Weinstrin being charged is the obvious manifestation  of this energy

Speak out of your own pain body. The body never lies. There are real pragmatism resources to work with.  Speak up against all abuses against the feminine it is rampant everywhere.

Lilith is also squaring Eris in Aries

there going…

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The Magic of Geomancy

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism

After having recently decided to take up learning Geomancy as a new tool of divination, I have set Tarot aside for now and dove headfirst into the art. I started with the material of John Michael Greer, who always has excellent books for newcomers in my opinion, and it got me prepared for the basics so that I could start immediately. However, after researching some other sources and speaking to some friends who are well versed in this practice, I ran into a bit of frustration concerning the attributes. Turns out that there were inconsistencies in almost every set of correspondences I checked out.

Usually I am in favor of simply picking the system that personally makes the most sense and sticking to it. Thankfully, I have some rather in depth comparisons to check out in the material offered over at The Digital Ambler to help, so I’ve chosen…

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Elemental Cycles and Scrying Experiments

Frater S- Musings on Magic and Mysticism

Recently I have decided to undertake a series of cyclic operations that will immerse myself within each of the 4 Elements through invocation of their respective Hierarchies, which I will briefly outline here, for anyone not familiar. These are based on the traditional Golden Dawn attributions.

Divine Name- Adonai
Archangel- Auriel
Angel- Phorlak
Ruler- Kerub

Divine Name- El
Archangel- Gabriel
Angel- Taliahad
Ruler- Tarshish

Divine Name- YHVH
Archangel- Raphael
Angel- Chassan
Ruler- Ariel

Divine Name- Elohim
Archangel- Michael
Angel- Aral
Ruler- Saraph

This is also the order in which I’ve chosen to work with each Element, starting with Earth. Moderate fasting, abstinence, and spiritual mindfulness will be observed throughout each period.  Each cycle lasts about a month, with simple devotional invocations performed every day, culminating in an attempt to scry the Ruler of each in the last week of each period. I have created my own…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of May 28 through June 3, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Finally, this week we arrive at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th. Take a look over the events and themes which have played out in your life over the last six months since we experienced the New Moon in Sagittarius in December. It is time for the change to begin. Also, on the 29th, Mercury slips into home sign of Gemini for the next couple of weeks, making this a favored time for communications. To hear my Weekly Tarot Guidance, 22:22 in length, you can listen for FREE on Patreon, – or, at the top of my Facebook page, click on “Use App” to join my Weekly/Monthly Members Only Area for only $1 per month.

Artwork Credit: Anita Inverarity – from a deck-in-progress

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On my…

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“In Egyptian mythology, Apep (also spelled Apepi, and Aapep, or Apophis in Greek) was a serpent demon who represented the forces of chaos, death, and disorder. As such, he was the mortal enemy (and polar opposite) of order, personified as the goddess Ma’at, and light, as incarnated in the form of Ra. This adversarial construal of the demon is evidenced in various surviving texts from the Middle Kingdom period onwards (ca. 2000-1650 B.C.E.), including the Book of the Dead and the Book of Gates—both of which are concerned with the geography and mythology of the underworld. Although Apep was depicted in a serpentine form, this should not be extrapolated as signifying a general demonization of snakes within Egyptian culture. As counter-examples, one should note that the creator god Atum was occasionally represented as a serpent in religious iconography, and that many apotropaic talismans were fashioned in the form of reptiles.

Apep in an Egyptian Context

As an Egyptian deity, Apep belonged to a religious, mythological and cosmological belief system that developed in the Nile river basin from earliest prehistory to around 525 B.C.E. Indeed, it was during this relatively late period in Egyptian cultural development, a time when they first felt their beliefs threatened by


foreigners, that many of their myths, legends and religious beliefs were first recorded. The cults were generally fairly localized phenomena, with different deities having the place of honor in different communities. Yet, the Egyptian gods (unlike those in many other pantheons) were relatively ill-defined. As Frankfort notes, “If we compare two of [the Egyptian gods] … we find, not two personages, but two sets of functions and emblems. … The hymns and prayers addressed to these gods differ only in the epithets and attributes used. There is no hint that the hymns were addressed to individuals differing in character.” One reason for this was the undeniable fact that the Egyptian gods were seen as utterly immanent—they represented (and were continuous with) particular, discrete elements of the natural world. Thus, those Egyptian gods who did develop characters and mythologies were generally quite portable, as they could retain their discrete forms without interfering with the various cults already in practice elsewhere. Furthermore, this flexibility was what permitted the development of multipartite cults (i.e. the cult of Amun-Re, which unified the domains of Amun and Re), as the spheres of influence of these various deities were often complimentary.

The worldview engendered by ancient Egyptian religion was uniquely defined by the geographical and calendrical realities of its believers’ lives. The Egyptians viewed both history and cosmology as being well ordered, cyclical and dependable. As a result, all changes were interpreted as either inconsequential deviations from the cosmic plan or cyclical transformations required by it. The major result of this perspective, in terms of the religious imagination, was to reduce the relevance of the present, as the entirety of history (when conceived of cyclically) was defined during the creation of the cosmos. The only other aporia in such an understanding is death, which seems to present a radical break with continuity. To maintain the integrity of this worldview, an intricate system of practices and beliefs (including the extensive mythic geographies of the afterlife, texts providing moral guidance (for this life and the next) and rituals designed to facilitate the transportation into the afterlife) was developed, whose primary purpose was to emphasize the unending continuation of existence. Given these two cultural foci, it is understandable that the tales recorded within this mythological corpus tended to be either creation accounts or depictions of the world of the dead, with a particular focus on the relationship between the gods and their human constituents.

The Development of Apep

From earliest Egyptian prehistory, snakes (and other reptiles) were regarded with a mixture of awe, fear and respect. Their alien appearance, coupled with the dangers inherent in their venom-laced attacks and their ability to “return to life” following a period of hibernation, guaranteed reverence from the Egyptians (likely due to their naturalistic cosmology and theology (described above)). As a result of these generalized (and historically ancient) attitudes towards

serpents, it is understandable that they would suggested themselves to the mythic imagination as suitable aggressors against the forces of order and light: “Apep, the serpent-devil of mist, darkness, storm, and night, … and his fiends, the ‘children of rebellion,’ were not the result of the imagination of the Egyptians in historic times, but their existence dates from the period when Egypt was overrun by mighty beasts, huge serpents, and noxious reptiles of all kinds.”

More specifically, Apep (when characterized as a single, discrete antagonist to the gods) emerged during the twenty-first century B.C.E., as the Egyptian pantheon was coalescing into a henotheism ruled by a sun god. This deity, alternately identified as Ra, Atum-Ra, Amun-Ra, or Ra-Horekhty, was seen as the creator of the universe and the upholder of Ma’at (order). As a result, the demonic serpent, already associated with darkness and disorder, came to be seen as the greatest enemy of Ra.Given the cyclical understanding of time that dominated the Egyptian worldview (as described above), the contention between the solar deity and the serpent of darkness was understood to be enacted every day, from the disappearance of the sun at dusk to its triumphant return at dawn. This notion led to the development of an involved mythology of conflict between these forces, as will be explored below.

In a later creation account, the problem of theodicy is explicitly addressed by claiming that Apep (and the forces of chaos and confusion that he represents) are an inherent part of the created order. Specifically, he was thought to have sprung into existence from the spittle of Neith (the personification of the primordial waters), which meant that Apep was a part of the creation from the very beginning. As Zivie-Coche notes, “in this particular vision of the world, which I think has no parallel, evil was created in its symbolic form of Apopis. The faults worked in the cosmos by the presence of evil were not contrary to the creative will of the creator god, and this point of view was a way of mythically ratifying the reality of this world and its deficiencies.”

Though Apep was generally understood to be the ultimate force of evil in the Egyptian theology, other deities occasionally came to occupy a similarly reviled place. One of the most notable was Set, former patron of the deserts and guardian of the Lower Kingdom, who was adopted as a chief deity by the Hyksos after their conquest of Egypt (ca. 1650 B.C.E.). Since these foreign overlords were hated by nationalistic groups, Set was gradually demonized, to the extent that he came to be characterized as an evil god. As a result, he eventually took on many of the characteristics of Apep. Despite this development, Set never entirely displaced Apep, likely because he was still identified as one of the most potent defenders of the Sun God on his nightly voyage.

Battles with Ra

An Egyptian deity (likely Ra in the guise of the “Great Tom Cat”) slays the snake-like Apep.

The tales of the sun’s nightly battles against the forces of darkness (represented by Apep) were extensively elaborated upon during the New Kingdom period (1550-1070 B.C.E.). In this cosmological understanding, the serpent demon was thought to reside below the horizon, in the heart of the duat (underworld). In some versions, Apep waited for Ra (ensconced in the solar barque) in a western mountain called Bakhu, where the sun set, and in others Apep lurked just before dawn, in the Tenth region of the Night. The wide range of possible locations for this dreadful battle earned Apep the title World Encircler.

In these battles, Apep attempted to transfix the assembled gods using his hypnotic gaze, after which point he sought to devour them (whilst simultaneously choking the river on which they traveled). In his efforts, Apep was thought to be aided by a coterie of lesser demons, all of whom had to be slain or driven away by the defenders of the god. Fortunately for Ra, he also had the assistance of various powerful deities, including Set (a being renowned for his might), Mehen (a serpent god), Serket (a scorpion goddess), Maahes (a lion god), Bast (a cat goddess), and Shu (the primordial personification of air).These myths are best explored through the surviving textual corpus, accounts from which are quoted at length below.

The earliest part of the night, when the sun has first disappeared beyond the horizon, is described in the Book of Gates:

When AFU-Ra has passed through, and the Gate is closed, the gods outside set up a wail, for they must abide in darkness until he re-appears. So soon as the god has entered the DIVISION four gods of the Tuat appear and take hold of the tow-line, but they cannot advance until a path is cleared for them. The obstacles in their way take the forms of the huge serpent APEP, and a great crocodile, the tail of which is in the form of a serpent’s head and neck; the name of the latter monster is given both as SESHSESH and SESSI. These have taken up their positions at the end of the DIVISION, in that portion of the Tuat which is not very far from the place of sunrise, and a company of beings appear on behalf of AFU-RA, and proceed to remove the monsters by means of words of power and magical ceremonies. Having taken up their positions for attacking Apep the men with the harpoons work the rope which is attached to AM, the goddesses and the apes shake out their rope nets over their heads, and recite their spells, and the men who know the proper words of power shake out their nets and recite the formulae which shall have the effect of throwing APEP and SESSI into the state of stupefaction wherein it will be easy to slay them. The spells and words of power have their proper effect, the monsters are fascinated and slain, and the path of AFU-RA is clear.

Despite the grim profile of Apep on the horizon, the solar barque—propelled by the magical utterances of the divine host—sails inexorably forward:

The Majesty of this great god taketh up his abode in the Hall of Osiris, and the Majesty of this god addresseth words to the Hall of the gods who dwell therein. This god performeth all the rites proper [for entering] this Hall, and he advanceth on his way against Apep by means of the words of power of Isis, and by means of the words of power of the Sovereign God.

When the assembled gods finally descend upon the venomous serpent, they fall upon him in a furious array:

Those who are in this scene [with] their weapons in their hand take their knives and hack [with them] at Apep; they make gashes in him and slaughter him, and they drive stakes whereby to fetter him in the regions which are in the upper height. The fetters of the REBEL are in the hands of the Children of Horus, who stand threateningly by this god with their chains between their fingers. This god reckoneth up his members after he whose arms are hidden hath opened [the door] to make a way for Ra.

With this, the serpent god is repelled, his odious influence mitigated until the recommencement of hostilities the following night.

In addition to their role in the mythic cosmology, some of these tales also had an etiological function. Specifically, various natural occurrences were explained by suggesting that they were instances where Apep had briefly gained the upper hand in the titanic struggle. For example, the rumbling of thunder and the chthonic trembling of earthquakes were both attributed to the thrashings of the giant reptile. Further, it was even thought that Apep could occasionally manage to swallow Ra during the day, which would cause a solar eclipse. Fortunately, Ra’s defenders were present to cut the god free, meaning that eclipses always ended within a few minutes.” – New World Encyclopedia


The Gender of your Magickal Tools

Algoths Grove

The Gender of your Magickal Tools.png

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“First, the Magic Sword. With this, as with the Athame, thou canst form all Magic Circles, dominate, subdue and even punish all rebellious spirits and demons, and even persuade angels and good spirits. With this in thy hand, thou art ruler of the Circle.”

– Janet & Stewart Farrar

Magickal tools in Wicca and Witchcraft have certain specific properties which cannot be interlaced. They have there purposes in rituals, some of which are almost never used, whilst others are used in almost every magickal working. Magickal tools are used, above all, to exercise the imagination to strengthen the working of the witch in question. It is not always necessary to use them, and a witch who is adept in their magical workings may almost never use their tools and only use the energies contained in themselves. 

Magickal tools house certain energies and intentions once imbued…

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Through the Eyes of Tarot – Venus in Cancer – May 19 through June 13, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

You are being called to do greater things which will earn you the admiration of many. Release your fears and maintain your resolve to manifest whatever it is you need for your future. Venus deals with love, money, and beauty, so if it is a better financial start you desire, the possibilities exist to create it. Heed your calling and move toward the success which was meant for you; you can begin to cut through the illusions, and will find good news aids you in your preparations for what is to come.

Try to retain only the good memories for the next leg of your journey. You are at the juncture where you can leave more of the hard times and difficulties in the past. Your intuition is working overtime, allowing you to sail straight ahead by August. There is a sense of resolve here, one which allows you to…

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May 14-20 Weekly Horoscope

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Huge changes this week. URANUS enters TAURUS MAY 15

Mars enters AQUARIUS on the 16/17

Venus enters CANCER  on the 19th

SUN enters GEMINI on the 10th @ 10:15 pm EDT

Moon is in Taurus May 14-15th

Moon is in GEMINI May 15 @ 4:43 pm EDT

Moon is in CAncer May 17 @ 5:47 pm EDT

Moon is in Leo May 19 @ 7:11 pm EDT


Radically ask for what you really want as Mars enters Aquarius on 15/16th in your 11th Solar house of wishes hopes and dreams. Everything is set to change. You are in harmony with the Uranian revolution. Organization management and networking feature. Connect to your tribe. Uranus enters your solar 2nd house to radically change your finances resources and self-worth. Things can be chaotic so be ready to roll with the punches. Venus in your 4th house brings love home. Curb your enthusiasm by…

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Weekly Tarot Guidance for the week of May 14 through 20, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

The biggest week of the year has arrived! If you do not feel the shift in energies this coming week, you may need to check your pulse. After spending the last seven years in Aries, Uranus, planet of shock and surprise, is rolling into Taurus and shaking things up in its wake in a very big way. This occurs only a few short hours after the New Moon in Taurus, which promises to be possibly the most memorable of 2018. Mars will leave Capricorn, its sign of exaltation, for an extended stay in Aquarius until November 15, including a short return to Capricorn. Venus moves into Cancer, and we will see the long-awaited Sun in Gemini to which I have referred in many of my lengthy readings. There are special, in-depth Tarot Guidances available for all of these, including the Weekly, Uranus in Taurus, Mars in Aquarius/Capricorn, Sun in Gemini…

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3 Hours of Abysmal Scrying Failures

Light in Extension: A Magical Journal

cropped-cropped-goldendawnlogoDate: May 18, 2018
Time: 9:22 p.m to 9:35 A.M.
Sun Phase: Set
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent in 25 degrees Gemini, Lunar Mansion of Batn al-Hut
Planetary Day: Day of Jupiter with Jupiter in Retrograde
Planetary Hour: Hour of Saturn, Hour of Jupiter, Hour of Mars, Hour of the Sun, into Hour of Venus
Activities: LRP, Prayer, Offerings, and Invocations of HGA, crystal scrying, prayer, Temple closing


I performed did ritual bathing, anointed my eyes with Solomonic Holy Water and Holy Oil. I then performed the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram with my consecrated Dagger and proceeded to “inflame myself with prayer,” invoking God and my Holy Guardian Angel and requesting a vision in the scrying Crystal of whatever my HGA might think I would need to see for wisdom, to be more of service, move forward spiritually, or just increase the glory of God.

I then sat…

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I’am available for readings and reports check out my store at

Be about facts and what’s happening. I feel others can be changing their routine on you, or this can be a partner not texting you when they say they were going to text you, and you feeling some kind of way about it. Give them a minute or a few days don’t text back, because it can be a power thing

You can read the hell out of certain situations or other people’s situations and calling it as you see it today. This can also be an emotional connection with someone new, and you two getting along splendid, or being at a location and feeling a connection, like your suppose to be here

Today is based off your emotional self, so be the deliberate creator that you are and choose to follow…

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One of the years best days is today

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Sun in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio

Venus in Taurus trine Mars Tara Greene

watercolor painting by Napoleon Brousseau 

is one of the best days of the year at18 degrees Taurus/ Scorpio

Jupiter expands and is always positive even Retrograde and in deep dark obsessive  Underworld territory of Scorpio.

The Light can bring consciousness and awareness to what has been hidden obsessing us and illuminate us to what we missed when Jupiter was moving directly over this territory in January. This is the time to redo reflect on redirect any energies from that time. When Jupiter turns direct on July 10 it will again pass these degrees in mid-September. 

If you have planets or angles on these degrees Taurus or Scorpio or Leo or Aquarius you will feel the effects most powerfully.

This is right on my own Ascendant in Scorpio/Descendant in Taurus. I’m going to do some powerful Jupiter invocations.

VESTA squares JUNO

Asteroid Goddesses Vesta in Capricorn rules…

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Weekly Astrology

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

May 7  two major planetary activities today

Astrology man copyright free Tara Greene ©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. OjŽda

 Mercury square Pluto a fiery power conversation @ 21+ ARIES/ CAPRICORN

This is a hard aspect and Pluto always takes us down into the Underworld of our soul’s shadows. Reflect on what you are avoiding or don’t want to face. Mercury in Aries brings a new firebrand energy to initiate something new where you are unconscious and mentally obsessing about something. Change is good.

Second BIG ASPECT Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES 16+ degrees 

This is super romantic spiritual creative compassionate. You may think you have found your soul mate in two people. How to choose? A divided heart finds oneness and bliss. Use this energy to communicate your spiritual desires. Women become visionaries.

This also opens up our inner vision our 6th sense psychic energies and our dreams to see things from a dual perspective.


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